Armblast weapon systems Family presented at Eurosatory 2012


The Armblast weapon systems family encloses single-shot, disposable rocket launchers, with Thermobaric (TB), Anti-Personnel (AP) and Anti-Tank (AT) warheads.


The launcher comprises of a single non-extending launch tube with 'pop-up' front and rear sights fitted to the left-hand side of the launcher. The front sight has a graduated reticule. The rear aperture or peep sight has a dual compensation adjustment for use in extreme hot or cold conditions. An optical sight is available as an option, attached to a standard Piccatini rail. A fold-down pistol-grip is located at the muzzle provided for aiming purposes. Circular shock-absorbing pads are fitted to each end of the launch tube and an adjustable web sling is provided for routine carrying. A double-safety firing mechanism is located on the top of the launcher. Deployment time is 8-10 seconds. Ear pads are provided for sound suppression.


The Thermobaric warhead is a versatile ammunition optimised to produce a combined effect in order to defeat area targets including troops in the open, in urban fortifications, as well as armoured or non-armoured vehicles and targets.


The weapon system is extremely lightweight, no obtrusive and easy to operate. It can be fired from enclosures (FFE) and is suitable for Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT), asymmetrical warfare conditions, as well as anti-terrorist operations.