Quality Management



Building on the foundation of achieving the internationally recognised ISO 9001 standard for quality management for its business, R&D and production operations, Armar Corp. GTC is certified under the ISO 9001:2008 standards.


As of 2014, the company is certified under NATO quality assurance standard AQAP 2110.


The company's management continues to operate a policy represented by the following:

- Concentrating on the requirements of its customers and developing it's products as well as services to meet their expectations;
- Adopting a lasting development policy that includes the quality of the products and services;

- Training its employees and providing for the means necessary for applying the quality management system.

The LRQA and AQAP 2110 certifications is recognition that Armar Corp. GTC has robust quality management systems in place, recognises that the policies, practices and procedures of the company ensure consistent quality in the services and manufactured products.