Armor Technology 2014


The forum is providing the platform for an online event organized by Defense-Update, scheduled for May 2014. Since our ‘quiet launch’ in October 2013 ‘Armor technology 2014′ has gathered momentum and support among the world’s leading military forces, scientists at R&D centers and technical advisors, to defense integrators and armor specialized industries throughout the world.





Military and industry experts from Israel, the USA, Netherlands, Germany, France, the U.K. and Russia have already expressed interest to speak before the forum. More details will be released as specific presentations are confirmed. Our theme for the 2014 forum will be “Combat Vehicles Survivability”, addressing various aspects of today’s armor challenges:

Evolving Challenges in Asymmetric Warfare

Modern military forces are facing new threats today, as insurgents, terror groups, even some military forces are adapting new operational techniques and technical capabilities evolved through years of combat.

Advancement in anti-armor capabilities

The proliferation of advanced counter-armor weaponry and operational techniques is challenging the Army planners to rethink their operational concepts, particularly when it comes to complex and urban terrain.

Advanced armor technologies

Innovation in materials and processes, Advanced composites, metals, ceramics and hybrids are improving ballistic and blast protection, offering superior, multi-functional protection at lower cost.

Improving design and manufacturing processes

Affordably building and upgrading combat vehicles. Surviving mines and IEDs – Dealing and mitigating blasts effects.

Beyond armor – hard kill and hit avoidance

Improving situational awareness and rapid response, employing soft and hard kill active protection systems.

Maintaining a credible combat force

How different militaries view the roles, requirements and modernization of the armored component, being part of the modern land forces.



Participants at the “Armor Technology 2014″ international forum include leading experts from military services, prime contractors, integrators and OEMs as well as scholars and researchers from the world’s leading R&D and academic institutions.