General news

S-400 Regiment To Defend Russia’s Far East


Russia is beginning to deploy the third S-400 Triumph Air Defense Missile System with an air-defense regiment based in Russia’s Far-East.

UAE To Upgrade 135 BMP-3


The United Arab Emirates has announced at IDEX 2011 the conclusion of an agreement for the modernization of 135 Russian produced BMP-3 amphibious infantry fighting vehicles in service with the UAE land forces.

Switzerland Transfers 12 Leopard 2s to Canada


Bern will transfer 12 Leopard 2 main battle tanks (Pz 87 Leo) to Canada.

FELIN Soldier Systems Enter Service with the French Army


Sagem Defense & Security, the prime contractor ans system integrator of FELIN completed the delivery of some 1,000 sets in early September 2010.