Single Use Rocket Launchers



The Armblast weapon systems family encloses single-shot rocket launchers with

Thermobaric (TB), Thermobaric 2 (TB 2), 

Anti-Personnel (AP) & Anti-Tank (AT) warheads

Product name:                   ARMBLAST

Description:                       73mm Shoulder-Fired Disposable Grenade Launchers - Second Generation

Product type:                     Land Weapon Systems

Sights range, m:                400 for TB, AP, AT versions

                                        700 for TB 2 version

Weight,kg:                         3.7 - 4.4

Operating temperature, C:  -40...+63

Optical sights:                    OS-ARM

Magnification:                     3.5x

Compliance:                       MIL 1913






Product name:  DREBG-73

Description:      73mm Thermobaric Shoulder-Fired Disposable Grenade Launcher

Product type:    Land Weapon Systems


New generation Long Range Thermobaric / Anti-structure weapon system with combined anti-personnel, anti-structure and anti-armor effect with limited collateral damage


Newly developed, single use, shoulder-fired rocket launcher with enhanced range Thermobaric / Anti-structure rocket-type cartridge.


ARMBLAST 2 TB is able to engage and defeat fortifications, combat equipment and weaponry, enemy forces in the open, in trenches, in bunkers, structures from stone, bricks or concrete, vehicles, as well as armored targets.


ARMBLAST 2 TB is extremely lightweight -3,7 kg,  with length of 765 mm, sights range of 700 m, ergonomic and easy to operate.


ARMBLAST 2 TB can be used from enclosures (FFE) and is suitable for a wide spectrum of defense and special operations.


ARMBLAST 2 TB is well adapted to today’s conflicts, which provides an effective countermeasure to terrorism by guaranteeing a precise target hit without collateral damage.